Mango Rhythms, Recipes and Remedies: Nature’s Stimulus Package With Benefits

Photo credit: Jillia Bird. Fryes Beach, Antigua, West Indies

Mango Rhythms, Recipes and Remedies

Deck the halls, break out the tassles, and confetti, we are officially in the swing of mango season. Amidst the sting of the pandemic, social distancing and zoomania, there is this nagging feeling that so much has been lost. Lost and not missing. Lost as in, snatched away: Lost graduation, lost time, and sadly lost lives. The list is endless. Yet many mangolicious folks have found solace through unyielding prayers, meditation, music, cooking, (lots of cooking) home renovations, more cooking or for the “night owls,” Netflix bingeing. For a select bunch, we have found solace and a familar place of refuge in the joy of mango season. .

Despite ‘Rona’s unwanted disruption, and her unyielding habbit of taking, mango season’s synchronized arrival is off limits. This year’s season particularly serves as a reminder that nature and the things we cherish can and will bounce back. Its the aromatic nostalgic smell, the sight, the sweetness that draws us in and graciously gives back. Not even Coronavirus can distrupt the mighty mango season. So to all the scrooges out there who have lost their mango mojo… feeling paralyzed by the pandemic, slumped over, zoomed out and locked in with uncertainty about the road ahead..this post is dedicated to you.

Photo: Tanya, The Mango Lady, under Valencia Pride Mango Tree

With the growing concerns about our health, and the need for a immune system boost, every bite of a sweet Julie, Mango Kon, Alphonse or Nam Doc mango, feels like a dose of heaven’s Emergen-C. The nutritional benefits of mangoes are off the charts. Mangoes are a super fruit and an excellent source of vitamins A and C, a good source of fiber and contains vitamin B-6 (11% of the daily recommended intake) which promotes the production of serotonin, a hormone that elevates your mood. Mangoes are not just delicious, I’m sure you would agree its a natural stimuli, nature’s stimulus package.

Well if that was not enough, mangoes are also a great source of beta-carotene, and contains powerful antioxidants that have the capability of neutralizing free radicals that prevent premature aging. That’s right! Mangoes have anti-aging properties, so get your mango-licious consumption on. Yesssss! A toast is in order for any food that elevates your health, mood, vitality, brings out your natural beauty, keeps you young and makes you feel oh so fab-u-lous! TOAST!

Sharing a great recipe from my go to book on mangoes: The Great Mango Book by Chef Allen Susser. In this clip Allen demonstrates how to make a delish mango wrap while cooking with your kids:

Mixed into the spotlight on the 2020 mango season is the age old question: How do we find joy and maintain a sense of hope in the midst of a crisis? In the pre-Covid19, non socially distant era, a place of solace for me was enjoying a good mango under a tree while sharing the company of family and good friends. We are in a new normal so we won’t all be meeting up under the family tree this season. Nonetheless all is not lost. With a mango in hand, we will take one bite and face this crisis one day at a time.

Someone recently reminded me that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” Despite our remote state, masking, or limited mobility, its still a great time to shift our paradigm, and explore new ideas, opportunities and of course explore the varied possibilities of mangoes! Use the occasion to teach your kids about the benefits of mangoes or share your funny childhood stories of climbing mango trees in the neighbor’s yard.

Below i’ll share my stimulus package of mango related resources that will hopefully re-ignite your “mango mojo” or challenge you to explore new and exciting ways to enjoy mango recipes, rhythms, or new remedies during this memorable mango season:

Check out other great recipes from The Great Mango Book, by Chef Allen Susser.
Allen Susser and Tanya The Mango Lady 2019 Bingo Bango Mango Festival, Miami Beach

The Mango has a plethora of health benefits but did you know mango leaves also have medicinal properties that can help alleviate things like kidney stones, reducing inflammation, weight loss, build the body’s immunity against viral infection and even be used for improving dental health? Check out this informative video on the benefits of mango leaves.

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