What is the Mango-Licious Life?

Simply put, it’s a life of resilience, a fierce resolve to live with fullness and purpose beyond our difficult seasons. As a cancer survivor, preemie mother and prayer warrior, Tanya Wilson has weathered many storms and knows with vivid intimacy the fragility of life and the bitter sweet reality of life’s seasons. Yet she has discovered through each encounter and often agonizing setbacks, that there is still a sweet savoring life beyond the scourge of adversity.
Join author and speaker Tanya Wilson as she embarks on an unforgettable journey, sharing sips and tips from her mango-licious life. Unpack the stories in each chapter and discover indescribable peace, strength and hope that propels us from desperate disappointment to daring determination. The title pays homage to her favorite fruit, the mango, which serves as a metaphor of life’s unpredictable and oftentimes bitter-sweet encounters. I want you to know there is still space in your life for abundance, joy, and fulfillment beyond your tragedies.

The mango-licious life is a mindset shared by those who not only survive but thrive beyond life’s most difficult seasons. As we travel through each story I hope you will find purpose, flavor, and renewed hope for the road ahead. This book is a place of reflection, a window of inspiration, and a scrumptious source of insight and encouragement.

Enjoy the sip, embrace the tips as you too begin to live the mango-licious life and discover how to survive and thrive beyond your seasons of adversity.